Monday, September 06, 2010

How Tall This Fall?????

This year, we were able to travel again for our semiannual trip to Asheville. We have not had the opportunity since Joshua was a month old. That was his very first trip. We also made annual trips just the two of us (Joe & I) prior to having wee ones. What a joy it was again to go there. Living in the coastal area can be a little dampering to us, as we do miss the cool Autumn air, the mountain landscapes, hiking, and taking in sights - especially waterfalls. More on that later...

So, when we got the opportunity to go, we jumped. I was a little hesitant at going, just because I have SO much on my plate, but I knew that there would be little chance for me to go later this year, so I packed the kids and off we went on our grand adventure. Our travel day (Monday) began with breakfast at home, a bite to eat on the road, and after a little mountain roads, we arrived at Sky Top Orchard. It was a gorgeous day overlooking the 100 acres on a mountain top - just perfect for picking apples.

WeI had already decided that we were only going to pick a peck of apples. WHY?? Well, because we would have to have them all week long, and I wanted just enough for the boys to eat. Then, on our way to Spartanburg on Friday, we would be stopping by the North Carolina Apple Festival. I knew that we would be picking up a bushel of apples either at the festival or at McAbee's Fruit Stand near Bloomfield's DishBarn, which is our FAVORITE place to buy apples. So we grabbed a Peck basket, loaded the boys on the cart, and headed out over the hills to where a row of Galas were.

Unloading our wagon at our row of Gala trees. I had really wanted Honeycrisps, but they had already all been picked for the season.

John-Michael picking his very first apple. Too bad neither of his parents realized at that moment that he was picking Black Arkansas apples (his Pa's favorite, and a breed that does not mature until late October)
And we wonder why Adam ate the fruit??

The problem with taking little ones to pick apples, is trying to keep them from biting into every one they pick.

Our full peck of apples. Mommy picked exactly ONE apple. :( Joshua and Joe picked all the rest of the apples. John-Michael was content to eat his.
Oh My! There's a handsome man in the apple orchard! can we take him home???

Joshua enjoying the fruits of his labor. No pun intended. We were having a hard time limiting the boys to ONE apple.
All loaded up and headed back to the barn.

Go faster daddy!! Climb that hill!!

A Mother's contented sigh at seeing the closeness of her wee ones.

One of our favorite things about Sky Top is the "How Tall This Fall?" sign. It's a great marker to use every year to show how much the kids have grown. It was easier to get John-Michael's picture in front of the sign then it was to obtain Joshua's. LOL

Farmer Joe says, "Ya'll come back now. Ya' hear??"
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