Thursday, July 26, 2007

Funny Little Geese

So the ladies on my BBC board for maternity wanted to see the geese across the street. So I am posting them to use the link.

Hope you enjoy as well.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Babymoon Pic

Here is our "Family Shot" from our Babymoon

China is out to kill us....

ok, so I watch Cnn's Headline News' Robin & Co while eating breakfast every morning. (I can tolerate her better than Fox & Friends). Anywhoo so I keep seeing all these reports about toxic toothpaste, lead paint in toys, pigs being fed sewer water, cows with so much antibiotics you can't make yogurt from their milk, fish and shrimp that have malachite green in them (an agent that helps the fish to live in toxic water), etc.

Now this morning we see the car from China. It won't be available until next year in the US, but has been released in Europe. The German equivalent to AAA did a car crash study. Click HERE and scroll down to tech YouTube video.

All I can say is wow!

Here is a great website with some commentary from normal folks. I am C&Ping a few of my favorites:

" Wow, what a great deal. You get a car and a coffin for one low price."

" Confucius say, 'Man who buy car at dollar store will get smashing good deal.'"

"I'm sooooo getting this car, for my mother-in-law" (could also apply to ex-wives, I guess)

Well, DH and I are back form our WONDERFUL Babymoon in Blowing Rock, NC. I will try and post a couple of pictures in a little bit.

hope everyone had a Happy & Safe Independence Day!
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