Friday, October 27, 2006

New Photos and Virtual Tour

Here is a link to new photos and a virtual tour of our home.

Vitrual Tour

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So yesterday was our First Anniversary!! We were going to go out of town but with the house on the market, we decided against it. SO my DH made reservations at 82 Queen where we had our reception that time last year. Needless to say they botched our reservations and gave away our table but luckily the people left (tourists!) and we at least got to sit there while we had our desert (creme brulee for me, praline pecan peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream for him) and sipped our frangelico (hazelnut liquor). Dinner was so-so for me and Joe was the winner for best dinner.

Most of the day earlier had been guessed it - working on the house. After dinner we headed to (of all places) Walmart. Yep, we spent the evening at good 'ole Wally World. No, we aren't rednecks we just really needed some things for the house (i.e. toilet paper - who knew two men could go through toilet paper so fast???) and we eneded up getting a few other things like some palm trees for our patio, some material for new headcoverings, etc.... It's amazing how time flies when you are in Walmart. We got there between 7:30 and 8:00 and wouldn't you know - before long it was 10:00!!!

After we left 82 Queen we headed down to the port to see the cruise ship that had come in. It was the Carnival Victory. Now last year we left out on the Triumph on Tuesday, October 18th, so this year they upped the schedule a bit. It was great to see the ship and we reminisced about how we saw our ship for the first time and we got excited - even though the cruise was horrible.
We did do a quick drive around town (with the sunroof back) taking the same route our carriage did when we left 82 Queen headed to 2 Meeting to begin our honeymoon.

Since this Anniversary is supposed to be "paper" - we decided on this as a present for each other. When we saw this at Christmas we knew we had to get it. You can't see it very well from thsi photos but it is a couple remembering their wedding day and you can see their "ghosts" with their family in the bandstand and a vis a vis carriage awaiting them to whisk them away. hopefully we will get this print this week and have it matted and framed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


We have done it. Our home is now For Sale. We have a home on James Island which we will be submitting an offer on in the next couple of days!! Yeah!!! Once we have it under contract - I will post the house we are buying.

3213 Wynnefield Drive for sale
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