Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Davis is a.......


And we are in shock. We had all been expecting a girl except for my dad and Joe. Joe is excited and is bouncing around like a 4 year old at a birthday party.

The baby is measuring 20 weeks 1 day which is right on target (and 1/2 way there!!!). There are no signs of hydrocephalus (water on the brain), Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome, Cleft lip, etc. The kidneys are functioning normally which means that the digestive tract and esophagus are intact. We saw the heart and all four chambers beating normally, the spine looks great. There are 10 fingers and 10 toes and He was a mover! I actually felt him move during the ultrasound. At one point, you can see that he has his foot up by his head. We might have a toe sucker!! He is keeping his head just below my bellybutton and the placenta is right there between him and me which is probably why I haven't felt him before. As he continues to grow and be as active as his daddy (like he was during the ultrasound), we should really start feeling him soon.

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks and everything is looking great. I haven't gained anymore weight (still at 2 pounds!!!) and the baby right now weighs about 12 ounces.

The front runner for the name is Joshua Joseph. It has been a favorite of mine and Joe's since before we got married.

The other two names are: John Thomas (called John Thomas) and David Michael, but more than likely it will be Joshua Joseph Davis.
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