Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Proud Mama

It doesn't take terribly much to make me proud of my children, mostly because I'm proud of them all the time. But there are times when my heart beams with joy. Today is one if those days. 

We have been struggling with Joshua and his reading and writing. Since starting this new school year (July 1, 2013) he has just grown by leaps and bounds. He has made 100 on each week of his spelling tests. Then came today.

I purchased these journals to use with our Science. 

Today I asked Joshua to get his journal because we needed to get caught up with writing words to go with his pictures. He told me "Look, Mommy. I already used these letters and wrote the words."

At first I saw gobbledygook, then I saw it:

It's "Box Turtle"...

And "Hummingbird"

"Cat on the van"



And finally, "Magnifying Glass."

He drew most of those pictures without any supervision (the turtle and hummingbird were part of a yet-to-be published Science lesson), and all of the words were written unbeknownst to Joe, my father, or myself.

I'm so proud! He has come so far just in the last 5 weeks and I can't wait to see him bloom & grow more. 
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